The Sad Truth: Make The Right Choices Will Benefit Not Only You But Your Family Too

The Sad Truth: Make The Right Choices Will Benefit Not Only You But Your Family Too


When I was working as a Respiratory Therapist at Kaiser Permanente's Adult Critical Care Units, I was taking care of very ill patients who were ventilated (Patients who are hooked up with a breathing tube controlled entirely by the machine).


I noticed a common diagnosis with all the patients I was assigned to. 


Type 2 Diabetes

Severe Cholesterol Levels

High Blood Pressures

Severe Obesity

Sleep Apnea

History of Stroke


and other illnesses


Most of these conditions were preventable at one point but once it's too late, an incident such as, "Shortness of Breath" can trigger everything else to which one can be sent to the Emergency Room, Intensive Care Units and having to take all these expensive medications. Not to mention the overnight stay or even longer, which is very pricey!


 What people don't realize is when patients are sedated and fully supported by the breathing machine, that is when family members come in. They don't see patients in pain when the medications wear out. Just the sight of family members crying and also in pain from seeing their father, mother, brothers, sister, wife, husband, or child is heartbreaking for me and I speak on behalf of all Nurses, Doctors and other Healthcare Workers.

In all honesty, the people who live day to day with them should have known all the constant bad choices in nutrition or even the 1 pack a day smoking will eventually lead them to where they are now.


What I am trying to point out is that a person can avoid all of this! Many conditions I've read in my patients' charts were at one point, REVERSIBLE! When it is too late, you suffer and along with your family members. They will be burdened, emotionally and financially.

I apologize for being frank and to be honest, I have seen it many times in my 8 years as an RT but enough is enough. I feel hospitals are not doing anything about it because, without sick patients, the hospital won't exist so it is up to us to make the decision.

Will you be making the right choices for your health? Will you only be thinking of yourself or your loved ones?


 Thanks for reading this...


Erik Mara

Hempworx CBD Affiliate

ISSA Certified Sports Fitness Nutritionist

On-Call Registered Respiratory Therapist


Live Healthy, Live Happy & Live Longer!