(About Me)



ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist

Health and Fitness Advocate

CBD Affiliate for HempWorx

On-Call Registered Respiratory Therapist


"My goal is to help people lose weight, get lean, tone up, live healthy and have more energy with the proper DIET and CBD regimen! Let's go on this JOURNEY together!"


My Story

When I was in high school, it was a struggle for me to put on weight. After finishing high school and weighing 118 pounds, tragedy struck my life. I was a victim of a gunshot. By cheating death, it gave me a new lease on life, so I started weightlifting. After years of experimenting, I figured out how to build muscle and put on the weight. Through trial and error, I was able to also lose weight through proper nutrition so the I got certified as a sports fitness nutritionist.

Currently, I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist, taking care of patients who are mostly at their end-stages and near deaths. The one thing that was in common from the critically ill patients, was that they could have prevented their severe diagnoses in the past from being more aware of health. Wrong choices in nutrition and bad habits that led to unhealthy lifestyles.

Currently, my focus is to educate people about CBD and the mindset for healthy choices in the nutrition aspect to avoid the path that will lead them to the Intensive Care Units.

The important role as an advocate that inspired me was to launch an on-line website offering guidance and educational meal plans and other fitness products for people to live a healthy lifestyle.